Are you ready to realize your fitness potential?

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Realize your fitness potential

About Me

My name is Carlos and I am a passionate fitness professional, entrepreneur, nature lover, and adventurer. I am on a quest to realize my fitness potential and to help you do the same.

I provide professional, engaged training that's tailored to your needs and preferences. We'll work together to establish goals and to set up a long-term plan. We'll adjust as needed and we'll make it as fun as possible.

About My Services

I offer individual and buddy training sessions in downtown Tampa. I may also be available to travel to your home or condo gym and when the weather is nice we can train outside. Your first consultation will be free and we'll use it to discuss your goals, including strength, weight management, and performance, and to establish a long-term plan.

About My Certification

As an ACE certified professional my training is rooted in science-based research and it follows a structured model, created to deliver individualized programs needed to adopt long-term, healthy behaviors. I am guided by a sensible code of conduct that includes: providing you with safe and effective instruction, staying up-to-date with the latest health and fitness research, and maintaining appropriate first-aid certificates. ACE certifications meet the standards accepted by other leaders in the healthcare industry and they are accredited by the National Commition for Certifying Agencies, NCAA.

Are you ready to realize your fitness potential?